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We at JEE Carnot are a group of IITians who aim to help the budding JEE aspirants by dedicatedly guiding them on the right path and preparing them for cracking the demanding exam. Having gone through the journey ourselves, we are well aware of the challenges and difficulties a student faces, and can not only empathize with your cause, but also provide ways of overcoming your obstacles and getting ahead of any failures you encounter on the way. We intend to do so by providing you with a schedule which has been individualized to best suit your needs, and a mentor who'll constantly be there to check up on you and guide you along the way. Our mentors have deep knowledge how student psychology works in jee exam as they have already faced and overcome that. We hope to make your mentor your personal JEE friend, available to you at all times, whenever you're in need of any guidance or motivation. We aim to achieve this through JEE Carnot.


We believe that every individual has the ability to crack JEE and other competitive exams. The only issue most students face is producing their maximum. We fetch the maximum efficiency of students. This is done through personal mentorship by IIT mentors to aspirants and by providing sufficient and delicately curated content and resources for preparation.


We fetch maximum efficiency

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One to one personal mentorship
One to one personal mentorship
We believe in giving you our utmost time and attention and therefore provide you direct access to your personal IITian mentor, whom you can contact any time you please. He/she will be your constant guide in your JEE journey.
Personalized time table
Our schedule is designed so as to cater to your needs and requirements, so that you may study according to your own capability and at your own pace.We try to help you maintain a balance between your daily schooling and your preparation for jee simultaneously without feeling overburdened.
Personalized time table
Promoting self study by providing
Promoting self study by providing assessments
We take regular tests from our students and provide assignments for them to complete under designated time. This helps them find out their weak areas so that they can particularly focus on improvement of those particular topics.
Constant motivation and guidance
If a mentee ever lacks confidence or loses hope, our mentors are always there to cheer them up and make them aware of their capabilities. The mentors, having themselves faced similar setbacks in their past journey, know the ways to get above them and will help you in paving your way towards success.
Constant motivation and guidance

Personal IITian Mentor

Call/WhatsApp Anytime

Personalized Schedule

Revision Tasks and Daily Analysis

Study Material and Test Series


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JEE 2020 (till July 23)

  • Personal IITian mentor

  • Unlimited Access to Mentor by Call/WhatsApp

  • Daily Tasks

  • Personalized Schedule

  • Material and test series

  • Motivation and counselling

  • You save 1000 Rs




per year

  • Personal IITian mentor

  • Unlimited Access to Mentor by Call/WhatsApp

  • Daily Tasks

  • Personalized Schedule

  • Material and test series

  • Motivation and counselling

  • You save 5001 Rs

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FounderAman Goyal
Founder & CEO
"The only thing that can stop you from clearing JEE is giving up, which is exactly what we're here to stop you from."
Co FounderIshu Khandelwal
Co Founder, Chief Marketing
"We have no Sundays in our calendar. We work 24/7 for your best results."
Co FounderAshutosh Garg
Co Founder, Chief Management
"Cracking JEE is not an easy task, but the harder path only makes the success that much sweeter."
Operations and designGopal Sharma
Operations & Design
"Work in the smartest way possible because JEE is going to be the biggest opportunity in your life."
ManagementDev Bajaj
Growth & Management
"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps."
DeveloperDeepak Jangra
Technical Head & WebD
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
Content Management
" I believe that the unhealthy fear of JEE in students' minds is the real enemy of their ambitions."