How I will be connected to my mentor?

The mentor will call you within 12 hours of the allotment by the team. Then you will connect on call and whatsapp. You can choose to use whatsapp for the short discussions like daily tasks and small doubts. For the long discussion connecting on call is always better.

Will the mentor solve my subject doubts as well?

No, It is not plausible for a particular mentor to solve doubts for all the subjects as JEE and NEET syllabus is vast.

What is the feedback team and how they will help me?

Feedback team is a team of mentor supervisors which ensures the bonding between you and your mentor. It will also ensure the frequency of connection and overall mentorship feedback.

How can I reach the feedback team?

You will be given the personal contact of the feedback team when you will join. For any issues you can report to the feedback team directly and the feedback team will solve your issues within 24 hour.

What If feedback team did not resolve my query within 24 hours?

In case your query does not get solved in 24 hours you will get an extra 6 days mentorship at our platform.

Can I change my mentor?

Yes, you can change your mentor. First the feedback team will investigate your problems with the current mentor and when they feel that you are not in resonance with your mentor then your mentor will be changed.
NOTE: Mentor change is a very rare request which we got till now. All mentors are trained and equally capable.

What is the refund policy on mentorship packs?

There is NO refund policy on personal mentorship packs. Also, we are proud to say NONE of the JEECarnot students asked for refund till now representing our high positive feedback.

What is the refund policy for the 89 Rup 1 time call?

Yes, You will get a 100% refund with no questions asked if you don’t find the value on the call. Again, we have 100% positive feedback till now.

Will my mentor be IITian? How will I know that?

Mentor will introduce himself on the first call like his/her IIT, branch and rank. We have done a background check of each mentor so information provided will be true. At any point in your mentorship program you can ask for the id of the mentor.

Will I get the same mentor, If I enroll again when my subscription ends.

We can not ensure this as it totally depends upon the availability.You can enroll in long term mentorship to ensure this.

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