Personal Mentorship Session by IITian

Why should you go for a personal session?

  • To learn how to prepare for JEE considering your individual preparation status, target and time left. Align your daily tasks with your final target in a short time.
  • Verify your current study plan from our Expert Mentors.
  • If you have taken a test and want to discuss and analyze the test to improve your marks.
  • If you haven’t the utilized class 11 properly and have a lot of backlogs.
  • If you are a self-studying student but don’t know how to study systematically.
  • If your coaching institute (online/offline) is not giving you proper attention and you need personal guidance for your problems.
  • Online Resources recommendation/How to use free Internet resources in JEE Preparation.

Get an edge over your competition by fetching the maximum out of you. More than 2000+ students have taken personal mentorship sessions.

₹ 249/-

per session

* You can now book video calls. Mentor is available for video call.

** 100% refund of this one time personal session if you don't find the call helpful for you.

get mentor's advice on

Exam attempt Strategy

How to prevent frequent silly mistakes. Speed vs. Accuracy in the exam and optimizing overall performance.

Revision Strategy

Get a revision roadmap based on the final target and current preparation level by discussing with the mentor.


Mentors will be analyzing your preparation status and will then suggest a plan to cover backlogs in the available time frame.

Resource Recommendation

There are numerous books, videos, and other study materials available on the internet. Choose the best for yourself with your mentor.

Preparation Roadmap

What is the right way to study a particular chapter? Realize your study mistakes. “Are you doing it the way it should be done?”

Overcoming Demotivation

How to concentrate and avoid distractions, pessimism and fear of failure!

Personal Problems

Feel free to discuss your personal problems with your mentor as a friend. “Health Issues” “Friend circle and teenage distractions.”


Counselling and Preference filling. Schedule and daily routine

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